Sunday, 13 October 2013

One potato, two potato.

Today I went to the allotment 'Hut', where you order your seeds, compost and where all the big decisions are made. I went to order my potatoes for next year, my first earlies will be 'Rocket' and my main crop will be 'Maris Piper'. I have never done earlies before, only ever had a main crop. I chose them because they are supposed to be resistant to eel-worm which is what I had in my potatoes this year, and I also found out which variety I had this year, they were King Edwards which are definitely not resistant, great for roasting but are no good to just boil, they turn to mush, not mash. While I was there, I spoke to the chairman of the allotment committee. I told him about planting potatoes where the rose bushes were to then loosen the soil ready for the strawberries. He told me it was a good idea, but to feed the soil with compost and just leave it on top, let the worms work it in over winter, because both the roses and potatoes take a lot out of the soil, and so to give the strawberries the best chance possible, I went back later on in the day to do just that. With another bin full of my own compost I waited for the rain to stop and made my way down there. And it was another nice evening at the allotment. I had also spoke to him about the nest in the compost heap, just keep moving the compost about. they will soon go. I had asked a lot of questions and I felt that there were no stupid questions. Just because he knew, he didn't automatically think I should. Always good to ask, I'd never learn otherwise.
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