Friday, 4 July 2014

Boarder control.

The area that I hope soon will have six
raised beds

I have a lot of space on the plot that at the minute is just not being used. I've mentioned before that I intended to have six small raised beds, but where I want them, the grass has grown four foot tall. Not only that, my slab paths are still not quite finished. There is still a stretch that I didn't have enough slabs for yet and yes the grass is taking over. So much so that it had completely covered some slabs that I had placed provisionally, but then spring happened and my time was taken up elsewhere.

So it was a job that was needed to be done. It would have been an easier task had I brought my petrol strimmer with me, but I had my hands full with the sack barrow. I did get so stuck into it that I forgot to take a 'before' photo, but above is a 'halfway through' photo. It was quite therapeutic ripping up clumps of grass, finding things covered up, canes, poles, a bucket, yes the grass was that tall that a bucket was lost. I felt bad when I had disturbed two ants nest and was amazed how quickly they moved the eggs to safety. I would have got to the end if it wasn't for the school run time getting ever closer.

This is why I couldn't bring the petrol strimmer with me. I have managed to acquire some more slabs from a neighbour. These are 1930's made slabs, 2 inch thick, 2x3 foot and bloody heavy. Of the ten that I have, so far I have managed to wheel round six, two at a time. A ten minute walk turns into twenty minutes with plenty of pit stops. Is this taking up cycling to the extreme? Or am I just unfit?

I did do as bit of weeding when I got to my plot at first. But nothing else was done today. I wish I had more time. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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