Sunday, 29 June 2014

Picnic on the plot dashed by the rain.

Lunch packed

My youngest daughter and I planned a few hours at the allotment today. I had checked the weather report for today and if we were lucky, we would only just get a light shower. So, at about mid day, with all the jobs done at home and lunch packed, we got ourselves ready to go. The plan for the day was weeding and sowing a row of carrots. I've done quite well with them so far, I thought I would sow some more. But a few hours turned into about 45 minutes including transit there and back. We stayed through one light shower, but the rain drops got bigger and more frequent that we couldn't stay any longer. No carrots sown. What was worse, after about half an hour of arriving home, the rain stopped and the rest of the day was fine. Not wishing to risk it, we stayed at home.

In between showers, my daughter did managed to take some photos of what's happening on the plot.

A mini pumpkin 


Garden Connect

A few 'Downs', 'Ups' and 'Not really sure what's happening' in my 'Garden Connect' bed.

Kale looking good

Lemon cucumber starting to bud

The only French bean

Nasturtium has gone crazy

Sweet pepper surviving

Tomatoes have one or two flowers

No worries with the parsnips

Spinach may be past its best

Another lettuce growing

Purple carrots still in need of thinning

Good old onions

Two beetroots

Not 'Garden Connect' related, but it looks like all but one of my red onions are gone. The only one I still have has bolted. So I may just give them a miss next time. Till next time and thanks for reading.


  1. All looks good mate apart from the spinich. The kale looks amazing

    1. First time growing most of these, including the spinach. Generally I'm pleased. Thanks for your comments.