Friday, 17 January 2014

A rest from the Rat Race.

Ok, so I'm not a city banker, I'm not a stock market broker, I don't even work in an office of any kind, but even us factory boys and girls are allowed to be stressed by life in general. What have I been stressed about? Car trouble. It seems to be a domino effect of problems. Time spent trying to sort the car out has lost me precious time at the allotment. It wouldn't be so bad if the weather played a part in obstructing me, but it had been fine weather for pottering on the plot. The car is still not sorted, I think it will be a case of cutting our losses. That was the conclusion this morning and with that I planned to take it out on the weeds today.

I was given as a gift a new incinerator bin, the old one has seen better days, so I tried again to burn the bramble branches and some dried out couch grass roots. I spent at least three hours just braking up the driest branches and dropping them in the bin, but to look at the pile still left you wouldn't believe it. At least there is a bit less to do next time. I have untill July to carry on burning. After that we are not allowed for three months. 
To give myself a break from the smoke in my eyes, I set about digging out the last part of the old grass path. It's fair to say that if there was a category for 'Best in show' dandelions, either longest, heaviest or funniest shape, then with the ones I've just dug up in this small stretch and all the others I've dug up these last few months then I could be in with a shot for first prize. I'm sure you all may have a good shout for the prize, but just for a moment let me bask in the glory of my fantasy.

I've just had a look at the weather report for the weekend and it ain't looking too bad for another visit. I'm hoping to make a start on my 'Garden Connect' 6x2 patch, eagerly waiting to find out what I'm going to grow. Well till next time and thanks for reading.

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  1. We could give you a run for your money in the dandelion competition. Our allotment burner has the bottom burnt out and was still stolen presumably for scrap metal. WE have a new one but my husband is now loathe to take it to the plot and have that stolen too.