Sunday, 20 October 2013

Man's best friends.

Rockin' Robin

I carried on for a while today with the brambles. While I was clearing, a robin had come quite close, pecking at bugs I've uncovered. So rather than boring you with saying the same thing over again, I thought I would mention all the animals that I've seen on my plot since I first started here. It is very common that robins, in the UK, are not so timid. Over the centuries they've worked out that gardeners need them as much as they need the gardeners. The European robins not so much. I came to the shed once after some time away from the allotment, and the damned birds had made a nest on the shelf in the shed, on top of my gloves. Had to get a new pair. It was funny every time I went in and made the slightest noise, their little beaks popped up, open and chirping.

Toad in the Hole

 This toad was hiding under a paving slab. Didn't actually notice it at first, thought it was a big pebble, then it started to move. I'm not saying I jumped three feet high, but it did give me a start.

Busy Bee

As we all know, without bees, there would be no gardening. So I will be looking into which plants will be best to attract them.

Frog in a Bucket

As well as toads, I'm always seeing frogs. This little fella was in one of the buckets I have dotted around the place to collect all the stones, it also had quite a bit of water in it, but not enough for it to be able to get out, as much as it tried. Carefully, I moved my hand underneath the frog, lifted him out and put my hand flat on the grass. He just walked off. 'Now go and eat some slugs' I said to him. 
I hope to see many more creatures, great and small, that are helpful on the plot. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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