Monday, 11 August 2014

I'm back.

Yes I'm back. First of all I'd like to apologise for my absence. Things have changed at home, mainly the fact that I'm not there anymore. But things are fine, even though we've separated, my wife and I are still very good friends. 

Upheavals aside, life on the plot still goes on and some surprises also. So let's begin. This years onions where ready a few weeks ago and I'd lifted them to dry out. Today was the first chance I've had to bring them home. Not all of them are show stopper size, well none are, but they have come out better than my winter onions. The Japanese whites were less than 50% success and my reds just didn't happen at all. 

Even though I had trouble at first with the sweet corn they really have done well. They are all about 5 foot tall with most having two ears. 

I've always understood that from one pumpkin plant you get only one pumpkin. I have five. All of them the size of a football. So I'm quite looking forward to eating at least one of them.

I've also come home with four courgettes, I'm not sure if my food scrap pit has helped, but I've got more coming up so I'm slightly inclined to do the same next year. 

This is where this years Brussel sprouts should be growing. When I planted them out, it was during the very warm spell we had a few months ago and I couldn't get round to water them one evening during the first week. The result was that they died. I must have used the same potted compost to start the sprouts as tomatoes I'd sown that didn't quite work out. Clearly the seed was still there somewhere and where the sprout perished, the tomatoes have done alright.  I just hope it's not too late to get some tomatoes from them. 

The brassica tent has worked out very well also. I've never had such good looking Savoy cabbages, so I'm wondering how soon I can sink my teeth into them. The cauliflowers are taking there time, but all in good time I guess. 

The leeks, parsnips and carrots are still doing well and my main crop of potatoes are all still underground. A lot of weeds also taken over, but it's not as bad as I've had it in the past. A good days work on the plot should clear most of it. I just have to make time to get back to my gardening. Hopefully it won't be too long till my next post. Till next time and thanks for reading