Saturday, 5 October 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off.

Another afternoons session trying to clear the strawberry patch. But all I'm digging up is twitch or knot grass or whatever it's bloody called. It's like sticking my fork in, lifting it up and getting what only looks like spaghetti. I managed to fill three bags full of weeds and roots from only one and a half meters. There must be about another three or four meters left. It feels like it's never ending. I do hope it all be worth it in the end. On the plus side, I came home with four strawberries today and we are into the first week of October. There could've been more but them pesky slugs have been at them. With it being October, bonfires are allowed on the plots now. They are band from July through to September, but now I can start getting rid of the old rose bushes that I dug up last week. I still have a massive pile of dried brambles that I cut last year. I plan to have a major clear out of all the brambles by next spring. Keep an eye on this blog and see I get on. 


A quick update on the marrow soup, today was leftover day. We had a roast chicken dinner yesterday and with what was leftover, chicken and vegetables, we put them in what was left of the soup. Delicious! Till next time and thanks for reading.

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