Thursday, 17 October 2013

A good day for gardening.


Today was a good day to do the gardening. A warm dry day and because it's rained all week, the soil's nice and soft. So I planted my onion sets, Red onions and Japanese onions. I thought it was going to be a five minute job, but it was fifty bulbs of each. I put a trail of pebbles on top of each bulb planted, like the Hansel and Gretel trail. In the photo, the Red onions are furthest away and I have to wait till August to dig them out. The Japanese onions can come out in May. I put in some bricks as stepping stones so I don't disturb the soil too much when I have to weed.


I finally put my finishing touch to what will be the strawberry patch. The original brick path goes along the length of the plot and as it reaches the end, it's a curved right angle. I wanted a definite end so, with some spare bricks I have, made a small path across. As yet I don't know what  going to do with the rest of the area. The grape vine is near by and I would only like to grow plants that will either provide me with food or will benefit the plot in any way.


I brought home the cauliflowers today. They are not much bigger than cricket balls but I'm not leaving them any longer because they will probably go to seed. 
I left the brambles today because it too much of a nice day to be in the shade, plus I wanted a break from clearing that area. Change is as good as a rest as they say. Till next time and thanks for reading.

Not quite prize winners, but hopefully tummy fillers.

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