Friday, 18 October 2013

Dig for victory.


Another good day for digging, so I carried on next to where I left yesterday. I'm trying to not only get rid of the grass path to replace them with slabs, but also win the war against weeds and keep them at bay. It was much the same as when I was digging the strawberry patch, plenty of twitch and dandelion roots, but it was a bit easier with the soil being so soft. Some people walked by and stopped to chat. I was glad to hear that I was doing it all properly, pulling out all the roots, more accident rather than design. Still clueless, but learning bit by bit.

I didn't think I could compost the twitch and dandelions, but I'm letting them dry out and when it has all died off, then I'll put them in with the other stuff. It was killing my arms, taking them home to put them in the bin.

Normally, at this time of year, I've stopped going to the allotment, but it's usually because I'm doing the same thing over and over and I've got bored, not returning till March or even April. What I've tried to do this time is to do different things every so often, have two or three jobs on the go at once and it seems to be working. I'm getting lots done because I keep going, and this time of year, it's not growing back so quickly if at all. Keep checking this blog to see if it works and how I get on. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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