Sunday, 1 September 2013

One of my best carrot harvest!

Well this is the sum total of my carrots for this year. The best I've had for a few years. In the past, sowing straight into the soil had not worked at all. Didn't matter if I covered them with a fleece tunnel or left them to their own devices. This year I made newspaper pots and started them in my greenhouse. But my issues with my greenhouse has dogged me the last few years. It's cheap one, pole frame with polythene cover. When I first got it, it was fab, but there was a split in the seam by the end of the summer. So I got a replacement cover that was re-enforced. That also ended up splitting. The last one I got wasn't even the right size. Turns out they don't make them in my size anymore. I will have to think about a more permanent solution. Space is the only other problem. As for my carrot problem, I'm going to get some tubs, cut the bottoms off, fill them with compost, sow the seeds and cover them. It's a variation of something I've read in the gardening magazine 'Kitchen Garden'. It said that carrots can be the easiest and most difficult crop to grow and it showed a trial experiment using large tubs but in a greenhouse. As I don't have the luxury of a greenhouse, I'll go with bottomless tubs pushed into the soil slightly, I can use my own compost and hopefully get better results. When I'm done for the year, I'll lift up the tubs and mix in the compost ready for the next year. Well that's plan anyway. Watch this blog. Till next time and thanks for reading.


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