Friday, 10 October 2014

Walk of shame.

I've been chatting on twitter to a few gardening friends of mine about getting together. I mentioned that if it went well, we could go to a food fair in Melton Mowbray, which is famous for its pork pies and Stilton cheese, it's also not that far from where I live. Now Michelle Stacey,  (@MishStacey), said that while we were all here together, we should all see my plot and they could give me marks on it all. Now I know she was only joking, but just on the off chance that they do come to visit and do judge my plot, I thought I had better pull my finger out and get down to some hard graft. As you can see it's not the worst plot ever, but it certainly isn't the best. The first picture you see is probably the best part of the plot, a bit of weeding needed, the paths have helped me keep things in order and this year for the first time ever, I have used all six beds. It's all down hill from there though. So let me walk you through my shameful plot.

This is the front of the plot. You may be able to make out a grape vine which has never been touched in the five years since I've had the plot. There is a fence which needs replacing. I have all the materials to do it, I just need to make time. My plan is to try and do it over winter, training the vine up some taller posts I have and finally sorting out an area for my youngest daughter to have a flower bed.

Here we are approaching the middle of the plot, the six beds are behind us now. Somewhere here are some raspberries and lord knows how many plum trees. I would like to have six more smaller beds here, there was so much that I wanted to grow this year but couldn't due to the fact that it all got a bit Bethlehem, no room.

Six months ago all this was clear and I was so pleased with myself. The intention was and still is to have fruit bushes.  Have some rhubarb already, so that's a start. If last year is anything to go by, the weeds should die back and I'll be able dig it all over again and this time I'll have to cover it.

This is the shed. Trust me, it looks better with the doors closed. I'd like to have a nice patio area here. I have the slabs, I just need the time. Maybe this time next year.

Well, that's the guided tour. I did get some work done today. The Garden Connect bed is now completely clear. The only things left were the peppers, tomatoes and parsnips. I never got a single pepper from them, it must have been too cold for it. I did get a few tomatoes and luckily it wasn't affected by the blight. But the best success were the parsnips. You could even say I was a victim of my own success as I didn't realise how big they were that I put my fork into all of the biggest ones. The best thing is, I still have loads more to dig up. I have just eaten done roasted and they tasted great, not at all woody like the supermarket ones at this time of year. Fresher is better. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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  1. I understand the dilemma. These days we are all "information-rich and time-poor". I have an idea though: invite all your garden-blogging mates over for a WORKING tour of the plot. "Bring your own spades and forks"! :)