Saturday, 31 August 2013

My luxury shed.


My shed may not look like much, but that's just how I like it. There are two parts to it, a door for each one and only one has a basic lock. If I had a nice new shed with a sturdy lock, then it could imply that I've got something worth taking. I don't, but nobody needs to know either way. When I first got my plot, the shed came with it and was lavishly tooled with the basics, spade, fork, trowel and a push along lawn mower, but the mower only works if the grass is fairly short to start with, once it gets a bit too long, the grass just jams up the gears and just doesn't go any more. I've always kept my Wellington boots in the allotment shed, but the after the first winter, the mice had made some nice little holes in them for me. Now, they are kept in one of my girls old plastic toy boxes with a lid. Let see the little buggers get through that.

As you may have read before, a pair of robins had made their nest on the small shelf I have. It was quite nice to have the robins there nesting, chirping away every time I went in the shed, just wish they hadn't built their nest on my new gloves, the rain had kept me way long enough to make a good job of it. There were three eggs that hatched and no sign that any chick was left behind, so I'd like to think that all three made it out safe and well.

The best thing about having two doors is that they are at right angles from each other, one opens right to left and the other left to right, and if I open them both, I've got myself a little cubical, just in case nature calls. Otherwise I just keep my cut off fizz bottles and netting in the other shed, basically stuff I don't mind if it went missing. 

The shed needs a bit of work, the roof needs fixing and re-felting, some of the walls need holes patching up and I need to tidy it all up, but otherwise it suits me down to the grown. Till next time and thanks for reading. 

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