Saturday, 7 September 2013

Can you dig it? Yes you can.

It's on days like these that I'm glad that I stuck to it and not given up. Last year I came close to calling it a day. I've just dug up one of six rows of potatoes. Had I dug up any more and carried them home, I would have arms like King Louie from 'The Jungle Book'. It is a great feeling when you put your fork in and ease the soil up to find potatoes as big as your fist. If what I have left in the ground gives me the same per row, I'll be very happy. It's just a shame I can't remember which variety they are.

Not only am I pleased with my potatoes, my onions have come up trumps too. Well one kind did. I put two kinds in, one was pre packed the other was loose when I bought them. Luckily for me it was the pre packed ones that have done well and I still have the label, sturon yellow onions. I'm still continuing my form with everything else. My cabbages, thanks to the caterpillars, have more holes in the leaves than a tea bag and as for the brassica next to it....well I know it is a brassica, but no cauliflower head or broccoli flower to show for all the watering my daughter and I have done this summer. No pumpkins this year I think, we might get a late run on courgettes and hopefully a few marrows. But otherwise, same old, same old. Till next time and thanks for reading.


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