Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ooh, me plums.


Today, while I walk to the shed to get the tools for the day, I noticed that I still had some plums left. Hadn't touched them at all this year, so I was surprised to see them. They were quite high up and I'm only 5'6", so the rake came in handy. As I've mentioned in a previous blog, my plum trees have run wild over the last few years. It was like walking through a jungle, trying to get to the middle where all the plums were. I had plastic bag looped on my trouser belt so I could just pop the plums in as I went along. With rake in hand, I went in. In amongst the plum trees are brambles and it's all very dence, hardly any room to manoeuvre the rake. But I managed to get about 1lb of fruit. On my way out of the thicket, the bag got snagged on the brambles and all my plums just fell out. Only me! 

As well as fruit picking, a lot of weeding was done in readiness for next year. As I turned the soil, I found a copper coin. Quickly, I got some water to clean it up hoping to see Queen Victoria. No, it was Queen Elizabeth II. A 2p coin. It probably fell out of my own pocket at some point. 

I'll be back to the allotment tomorrow I hope. As long as the weather holds out. Just to let you know, I'm now on twitter as well @losttheplot235. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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