Friday, 13 September 2013

Strawberry fields forever.


I've dropped the girls off at school, my wife has gone to see a friend, I'm not at work today and it looks like a nice day to be at the allotment. I've got myself a packed lunch and my 'Insect repellent' because I am really prone to bites, a few squirts on each arm rubbed in and I'm good for the day. I read in this months issue of 'Kitchen Garden' that now is the time to tidy up the strawberry patch. With me having quite a good year with my strawberries, I thought I should repay the favour and look after them. I spent the best part of four hours on my hands and knees pulling out all the weeds and grass seedlings I could see. It was a good job I had a kneeling pad in the shed, I didn't realise that I'd got to the age that I needed one. I've not yet finished. There is still a bit of weeding to do and I'd like to put the runners in ready for next year. I also have a few plants at home all from runners and eventually would like to have my strawberries going all the way to the end of the plot. Well, that's the plan anyway. Here's the before and after shots. Hopefully there will be some more after shots as I get more planting done.


I have found that writing this blog is giving me more of an incentive to be at the allotment. So if you think you need to give yourself a little push, give blogging a go. 

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