Friday, 27 September 2013

Strawberry fields part II.


What a fine day we've had today. It was more like early summer than early autumn. I've even got the tan lines and white bits to prove it. I spent most of my time at the allotment getting my strawberry patch weeded. The rose bushes have been uprooted. I have been told that they take a lot of moisture and goodness from the soil. Not only that, the roses I dug up were old and diseased. With all that in mind it was an easy decision to make. Digging was hard going, the soil was dry and compacted, I could only push the fork in half way. I've still not got to the end of the plot yet, but before I fill it with strawberry plants next year, I'm planning on planting potatoes to break up the soil.

I always find things in the ground while digging, old glass and pottery, a toy car once and plenty of stones. This one stone I found put a smile on my face. I love the allotment. Till next time and thanks for reading.


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