Thursday, 2 October 2014

A change of plan.

So, my boss asked if I was available for overtime Thursday and Friday. I made arrangements so that I was, I planned to be working over 50 hours this week and then he tells me I'm not needed after all but thanks for the offer. A lot was said under my breath. Half of me was thinking 'How am I going to make ends meet?', the other half was thinking 'Lottie!'

Before the clear up

It's a half hour walk from my new abode. I suppose it could be worse. I had no plan till I got to the plot, but once I was there it was clear. No more pumpkins or marrows are going to grow, so the vines could be cleared and I have been advised that the tomatoes that have blight should be removed and burnt. A day to tidy up the plot. Apart from where the pumpkins and marrows were, the soil was easily worked and the weeds seem to come up with relative ease. I know that crop rotation isn't the be all and end all of soil care, but it seems to go a long way.

While clearing, I found a row of swede that I had total forgot about. I was nearly as excited as when I found a £20 note in a winter coat when I put it on at the first sign of frost. I did think I had more weeds than I actually did, so happy days. 

Garden Connect

My Garden Connect bed is really looking shabby at the moment. I'm sorry to say that for everyone who has encouraged me to try the nasturtium, I don't like it. I couldn't spit it out quick enough and the taste stayed with me for hours. I did start to tidy the bed a little and I will do a final summary soon. I also dug up the purple carrots and as I was told, I should have thinned them, but seeing the carrot seedlings start to come up, I couldn't bring myself to do it. This is the result. The smallest bunch of carrots you'll ever see. A meal for one. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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