Saturday, 28 December 2013

Working off the Christmas turkey at the Gym.

We're still in December, but I'm determined to be healthy and fit in 2014. The gym is only a short walk for me, so I'm starting my exercise the moment I leave the house. The facilities are basic, but are there if you need them. The changing room, loosely called. The toilet, rustic to say the least. The showers, very popular in April. I must say my back can really feel it after today's cardio workout. I am of course talking about my allotment plot. Me in a gym? Wash you mouth out, I say.

So where to begin. That was exactly my thought when I got to my plot. I still have the grass paths to dig up and I had heaps of grass clumps dotted around the plot which I really needed to move. While I was putting on my wellies, I could see that at the side of the shed I have a lot of space that I don't use. It's all covered by trees and bushes, so I thought it would be an ideal place to put the clumps of grass and while I was at it, I could put the compost bin there also. The first thing to do was to clear a way in. If you've read some of my older posts, you'll know I've been cutting the brambles back. Well I haven't got rid of the branches yet. Do I add to the pile or start burning them? I started to burn them, but it's still too damp, so, adding to the pile it is. It wasn't too bad actually, I didn't need to cut too much away. I also found out where the awful smell was coming from last year. I found what was left of a dead fox. Poor thing, the only thing to do was to bury the fox under the clumps of grass. I was surprised that it was only two wheelbarrows full. I did have a flat tyre on the wheelbarrow, but not to worry, it was only at the bottom of the wheel. As ever, the robins kept me company while I was working today.

I did get rid of one section of the grass path and I'm so glad that I am because the dandelion roots were huge. I managed to fill a bag full. If only I could do something with them, I'd let them carry on growing. I did check on the onions but with no intention of mentioning them in this post, but when I saw one Red onion shoot coming up, I knew that I had to. And here it is. Happy New Year, till next time and thanks for reading.

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