Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Plot.

When I first took on my plot, it already had, besides 3 foot tall grass, a small grape vine, plum trees, raspberries and blackberries. Although now I can't tell the raspberries from the blackberries. After cutting the grass down to lawn height, I dug out 6 squares and had lawn paths around them. This was all well and good if I keep on top of cutting the grass. The idea was to crop rotate each year which is working for me for the simple reason that I don't know about testing the soil or what to put in the soil before or after certain crops. As for the grass, with last years rain, it's just taken over. So I'm collecting as many slabs as I can and have them in it's place. From the back to the front of my plot I have my shed. Luckily for me it came with a few basic tools, fork and spade etc. Next I have brambles which I had cut down with the intention of controlling them. But they have come back like some sort of bramble hydra. Well at least we can have blackberry crumble and jam and lord knows what else. Backing on to the brambles are the plum trees, yellow plums to be exact. But even they are running wild. The raspberries seem to be following suit and if I could get to them I'd be happier. Then comes my 6 squares. 2 rows, 3 deep. Or is it 3 rows, 2 deep. Either way, they are roughly 2 meter squared. Along the side of my squares I have my strawberry patch, which this year, even with the weeds around it, I've done quite well. I'm not talking punnetts full. Just enough to keep my daughter happy munching away on a hand full every other time she comes with me. Finally, at the front, I have my grapes. Not really had much to do with them. One year I picked them and gave them to my mother-in-law to make wine, but that's it. And that's my plot for now. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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