Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Short Introduction.

I'm starting this blog to remind myself what I've done and when. I don't go to the allotment as often as I like. Work and weather do get in the way. Who could forget the summer of 2012. Did very well for grass and weeds last year. As my name suggests, I am clueless. I know the basics, put stuff in the ground, water it and in a few months dig it up or pick it off. Having said that, I have picked up a little knowledge, the hard way. Nobody told me you should wait until the end of April to avoid the ground frost at night. We had no sweetcorn that year. 40 plants lost the next day after planting out. But the following year was much better. I'd cut the bottoms off 2ltr fizz bottles, put them over the seedlings and waited till May to remove them. That did work. I've yet to repeat that success, greenhouse issues. But that's another story.

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