Thursday, 21 November 2013

Is Winter just around the corner?

We are well over half way through November and it was a glorious day at the allotment. We have only had one or two frosty mornings so far in this area, Winter is only a few weeks away, yet today it felt like very early Autumn.

Oops! Anyone got any glue?

I started to lay the path that will go down the middle of the plot. Now my plot is starting to look how I want it to look, except for the last slab I laid which I dropped on account of it being so big and heavy. I managed to get them across town intact and the last step of putting it in place, it breaks. I still have more slabs at home to lay and the broken one can be replaced, but for now, it can stay were it is.

Finished squash patch.

Once those slabs were laid, the squash patch needed clearing. No more is going to grow this year. It took no time at all to clear, so in my task to get rid of the grass paths, I set to work on more digging. I am happy to report that all the trouble I've had in the past with the couch grass seems to be coming to and end at this side of the plot. So I'm hoping that if I keep on top of the weeding, I should see the end of it or at worst, keep it to a minimum.


I'm feeling quite pleased with myself with the way things are looking so far. I've never really carried on with my plot after September harvest. I've always taken home what's grown, when things have stopped growing, that's when I've stopped going. Only to spend weeks try to get rid of weeds that had established themselves during Autumn and then get myself behind when it came to planting in the spring. So I'm really hoping that Spring 2014 will be the easiest so far and with that one of the best harvest to come at the end of the year.

I will also be taking part in a transatlantic project. A few things are still to be sorted yet, but I'm sure it will make for good reading. It won't be me crossing the Atlantic to do a spot of garden. If only. I'm hoping to make a proper announcement soon, so watch this space. Till next time and thanks for reading. 

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