Sunday, 22 June 2014

This is why I call it my 'Downs' and 'Ups'.

I have been trying to grow more vegetables this year that I have not grown before. But with that comes many failures.

Some failures are due to the fact that I don't know what care and attention is required. These radishes for example. Plenty of foliage, a bit flee bitten but the actual radish is not even worth picking. Of course, until you pick it, you don't know. The ones on the right I had picked out first. I've been told that they need plenty of water. It hasn't rained for over two weeks. My pea bin hasn't quite gone to plan. I have more weeds than peas growing. I think I need to chat more with my fellow gardeners at the allotment and find out where I'm going wrong.

Other failures are due to forces beyond my control. I am talking of the 'Bloody slugs'. I wouldn't mind so much, but they've found a way into the greenhouse. Of over 40 lemon cucumber seeds sown, now only two plants have gotten to a decent size, one at the allotment and one in pot at home. Now to see if any fruit comes from them.

Then there is neglect. I had five globe courgettes that needed moving from the greenhouse to the allotment. This was done over two weeks ago. I haven't been able to get to the allotment since then and it hasn't rain. They are all gone.

Bloody hell! Carrots.

Its not all been bad news. I finally have carrots growing. All I did was prepare the soil, sow the seeds, cover them lightly, water them and sprinkle some slug pellets. I never tried to be organic in the past, it's just that I never wanted to spend the money on slug pellets. They do need to be thinned out, but the fact that they are growing at all seems a shame.

Parsnip jungle taken from ground level

Next up in the 'Doing quite well' category are my parsnips. I'm not sure what's happening underground, but if anything, I'll have plenty of leafs for the compost.

Cauliflower. Sorry about the weeds

Inside the brassica tent, as well as weeds, I have a row of cauliflowers and two rows of savoy cabbage. These I have grown from seed myself rather than buying seedlings from the garden center.

The duel cabbage way. Savoy's

On Thursday I dug up my winter onions and to be honest, I not as pleased with them as I was when I brought them home. You see of 50 onion sets I only came home with 25 onions. Not meaning to sound ungreatful, but I was hoping for a bit better than 50% success. They were looking so good as well. The red onions don't look so bad in comparison.

The first of the years harvest

As you can see there are quite a few strawberries and a handful of potatoes. I have never had this many strawberries I one go and on Friday I had half as much again. As for the potatoes, I was too early with my first Early's.

May look great, but it's bloody hard work

While I was at the allotment on Friday, I cut the only grass path I have which I share with my neighbour. I have inherited this lovely push along lawnmower. It's not so lovely on a hot day trying to cut long grass. What made it easier was hearing the band Kasabian doing a sound check for their home coming gig. And now, while writing this post, I can here the Kasabian playing.

Garden Connect

I now have something growing in every square foot of my Garden Connect bed. The parsnips and onions are really doing well, but not too far behind is the nasturtium. It's growing like a weed. The purple carrots are also growing and in need of thinning. The kale and spinach keep growing, but I'm not sure what to do with them. So if the are past I wouldn't know. Two beetroots are growing nicely as is the only lemon cucumber. We have also enjoyed our first lettuce from the allotment. There is another one coming up, either that, or a dandelion in cunning disguise. And finally I have a French bean coming up. I didn't think I would have any so came prepared. 

Will this bean do?

I know it has been a while since I written a post, but the World Cup is on. We all have our vices. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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