Thursday, 5 June 2014

I love it when a plant comes together.

Well to be honest, quite a few have really come together. The very fact that I have carrots growing is my best success this year. I will continue to sow carrots the same way next year. All I've really done was sprinkle slug pellets after sowing. A lot of the carrots are small. I was told to thin them out and I can hear a big 'I told you so' from other gardeners.

Beetroot I have grown to like, but it could never count as one of my 'five a day'. You see I only like them sliced thinly and fried. Don't knock it till you've tried it. 

My brassica tent has also done it's job this year, this Savoy cabbage is the first one I've picked so far. Hardly touched by caterpillars at all. I'm still waiting for the cauliflower show.   

Finally the courgettes are still coming. So I quite sure that the food scrap pit is working. That's something else to remember for next year. 

Most of what I've harvested today will be eaten by tonight and mostly roasted. Only a short post today, but I'll soon get back into the swing of things. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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