Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sow it begins.

Not much has happened on the plot since my post, it has only been three day, but I was told by a friend that potatoes like a bit of potash in the soil, it helps in crease the crop. They also told me the best place to get it was at the poundshop (trift store). Well for a quid it's worth a try. You only get a kilo, but I was plenty to scatter on the beds that need it. It just needed to be forked it lightly and while doing so I pulled out a few weeds I had missed. That in itself was worth £1. While I was there I needed to check on my cold frame. The night before we had gale force winds and I wanted to make sure it was OK. I'm happy to report everything is fine and dandy.

Today I went to fetch the potatoes from 'The Hut'. First early which are Rocket and my main crop of Maris Piper. They have both gone in my cold frame at home in old seed trays for chitting. They are in separate trays and raised off the ground.

While my hand were dirty, I sowed a few seeds in modules using my own compost made in my dalek bin. The metal bin is for the overflow and the yellow bucket just makes it easier to handle. So what did I sow? Leeks, Savoy cabbage, cauliflower and cucumber. I always put at least two seeds in each module. I also tried a few more parsnips using the same trial as last week. The reason is that I used some old parsnip seeds,  I have since found out that they don't last as long as others. 

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