Sunday, 9 February 2014

Busy doing nothing.

If there were CCTV cameras around my allotment site, it would look like I haven't been doing anything at all on my plot. But like the proverbial duck on the water, I've been busy at home and out 'n' about getting ready for the new growing season.

What a mess

Beyond repair?

So where do I begin? I started by trying to sort out my greenhouse issues. My current greenhouse, with it's ill fitting cover, had been blown over by the wind again even though I had tried to weigh it down. I was wondering how I would get any seeds started this year at all. But on a shopping trip for seeds, my wife saw a bargain of a small greenhouse and just had to get it for me. She never liked the look of the old one. Next was to sort out my cold frame, a piece of perspex was to be thrown away at work, but I managed to save it from the skip. I only had enough for one side of the cold frame, but it's done the trick for now. I must say it all looks a whole lot better now.

That's better

Next on my 'To do' list was to get some posts for the fence I need to replace. I have already got the fence, broken pallets from work, but I can't use the existing posts. Firstly, they are too far apart. Secondly, they are all rotten. While walking to the local shops, I saw some large fence posts in a skip. So today I went and asked if I could have them. Walking back home on one of my trips, a neighbour saw me, asked what the wood was for and gave me another post he had that was in his way. After measuring up, I managed to get 15 good 40" fence posts.

My scavenged post.

The Garden Connect planting scheme

I now have all the seeds, bar one, for the Garden Connect project. The only one missing is the lemon cucumber. But that has been ordered for me via the internet. I have made a start planting. The tomatoes and peppers are in the new greenhouse. It does say 'Grow indoors', but I don't have the room or want the mess that goes with it either. I have plenty more seeds if it is too early. I also read a tip on starting parsnips off. Put the seeds on a wet kitchen paper, then place it in a Tupperware tub. When the shoots start showing, they should be OK to sow. Anything's worth a try.

To the left are some Early Peas

I did manage to get to the allotment for a moment today. I had an idea that if I could warm the soil somehow, it would help the seeds and seedlings get going. I have inherited a large sheet of corrugated plastic, resting on bricks and that over my 6x2 plot with something to stop it blowing away then with any luck it should keep the frost away. I also made use of all the stones I dig up.

Well that's it for today. Sorry for all the photos. The most I've ever had in one post. Till next time and thanks for reading.


  1. You have been working hard. I like your new greenhouse. Wish I could find a bargain like that!

  2. Don't apologies for the photos. I think they are great.

    Are you doing square foot gardening under that ploycarbonate sheet?