Monday, 4 November 2013

Leaf mould.


It's always sounded to me like something trees suffer from and you'd need a tree surgeon to sort it out. It turns out that it's quite good for the soil and gardeners love it. On the down side, it take bloody ages, two year in fact. If you put the damp leaves in a black plastic bags and keep them in a dark place out of the way, you should get some good black stuff to mix with your compost.
Well I've made a start. There are plenty of leave in my garden falling from my trees and the neighbours trees, and plenty more to fall over the next few weeks. I didn't realise how many bags I'd need. I squashed them down as much as I could, hoping that they will still rot down ok and what I've bagged up is all behind the shed at home. Next year I'll have to find a different hiding place and rotate them each year. But seriously, two year. The guy who burgled our house and was then found guilty only got nine months, and he was rotten to the core. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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