Thursday, 7 November 2013

A game of two halves.

I been very lucky with the weather lately, whenever I've been off work it hasn't rained. Today has been no exception. It did rain, more on than off, up until this morning. But when I opened the curtains, the sun was beaming. So straight after breakfast, a lunch packed, on with my boots and away I went.

The first thing I always do when I get there is an inspection to see what's happening and what needs to be done, even if I already have a plan of what I want to do.

The two and a half marrows are still OK, the courgette has seen better days in its short life, the pumpkins are not getting any bigger, the parsnips are still there waiting for the first frost, and lastly, more and more onions have started to show, not even an inch tall yet, so I apologise for the photo not showing much, but next to each pebble is a little shoot popping up. Still waiting for the Reds to show. 

Japanese Onion sets

So, a day at the allotment, split into two halves. In the morning, because I haven't done anything for a while with it, the brambles was my first port of call. I managed to dig up some more ball roots but one is still so stuck it's like the sword in the stone. It didn't matter from which side or angle I tried, it would not come up. I did start to burn some of the branches that I had cut a few weeks ago, but even though they aren't green any more, it just wouldn't start. I guess all the rain we've had hasn't helped. 

At about mid day, after a lunch break, I left the brambles and went to do some digging and again, all the rain we've had played a part in make my day not the best I've ever had. It was defiantly a day for wellies. I only wish I had realised before. So much mud was stuck to the bottom of my boots, I now know how Elton John felt while filming 'Pinball Wizard'. It's slow progress, but no root is being left behind. And that was my day on the plot today. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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