Friday, 4 April 2014

So much to do.

I looked out at the bottom of our garden this morning and it was like looking into Steptoe's yard. Fence posts, the old greenhouse frame, slabs and planks of wood to make raised beds. For those of you who may be wondering, there was a sitcom on the BBC, 'Steptoe & son', they were rag and bone men who collected anything and everything. Now I don't usually do this but I decided that today I would take the car to the allotment and fill it with as much as it would carry. The car is a right bloody mess now, but that issue isn't for this blog. Luckily there is a parking space about 50 yards from my plot, so it was easy work to empty the car. Once unloaded, I prepared the ground to lay the slabs. Well it seems pointless to move them to one side then move them back into position at a later date. I only had four, but it was enough to finish two of the paths. I'm rather pleased at how its all looking now.

The soil I have been trying to dig the last few weeks is still very cley like, so I've mixed in some compost. I have been told that mushroom compost would do the trick, but time and money you know.

Normally I have a look around the plot first to see what's happening and as it says at the top of this page, there are 'Downs' and 'Ups' in my veg growing. Firstly, half the leeks I planted have gone. Don't know if it was slugs, pigeons or if the just didn't take. There is activity with the radishes and the parsnips are still growing. The Japanese white onions are doing well and hopefully will be out by the end of next month. The red onions are finally growing. They still have till the end of summer, as do the yellow onions which have all started to poke through.

Japanese white onions

Red onions

 Not quite finally, but here is the 'Garden Connect' section. I sowed the nasturtium seeds directly into the soil. The kale which did rather well in the greenhouse isn't doing so well in its square foot. The parsnips in its square foot are doing well, as to the spinach and the onions. Nothing to show in the beetroot square. And I'm still not sure what exactly is growing in the lettuce and purple carrot square. Back at home I've planted the French beans in pots and put them in the green house and I've given in to the needs of the tomato family seeds. I have planted plum tomatoes and sweet peppers again, but this time they are on the window sill. While I was at it, I planted some aubergine and pimientos de Padrón, also know as roulette peppers. They are not really that hot, but occasionally you will get one that is. They are originally from the North West of Spain, Galicia. If you get a chance, try them.

Sad looking kale




French beans

Pimientos de Padrón  

Plum tomatoes, sweet peppers and aubergine

A bit of a photo fest again. Sorry. Just think, its less to read. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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  1. Those paving-slab paths are great! It's good to have some permanent structure, I think, to keep things under control :-)