Sunday, 23 March 2014

All hail the Allotment.

I know it's hard to see, but we had hail falling today. Even though they are not that big, they still hurt when they hit the back of your ears. I had first hand knowledge. If you zoom in on the above photo you can see them. We had one burst just before I set off to the allotment, another burst while I was there and again when I was in the garden at home sowing seeds.

The second burst of hail got me while I was planting out some leeks. They are next to the onions that have been in all winter. The soil did need breaking up a bit, but it was fine. I had also brought with me some spring onions and peas to be sown next to the onion sets I had put in two weeks ago. But the soil was so heavy and more like clay, that it seemed pointless. This is an area of the plot that has been cultivated the least in the five years I have been here. I guess I need to break it up more or mix something in.

A whole row of radishes and beetroots went in today. The radishes, Scarlet globe, are in one of my brassica beds. The beetroots, boltardy, are in the the root's bed, or should I say the parsnip bed. There are so many of them and it looks like the are doing well at the moment.

Now that I had this tray free I wanted to sow some more seeds. Courgette, cucumber, marrow, lemon cucumber, something called squash and aubergine. I had already sown most of these a while ago, but i think I may have sown them too early They are in a propergator which in turn is in the greenhouse. With any luck they will do better than my first batch. I was also thinking of Christmas dinner, so in went some brusselsprouts seeds. That was my day today. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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