Monday, 14 April 2014

Dual Cabbage Way.

Well I was bound to use a title like that at some point. As you can see, today was a great day to be out gardening. I had never seen so many people on their plots this year as I did today. I even got to see my neighbour and while chatting, he mentioned that one year he can grow hundreds of carrots, the next, probably just a handful and he always sticks to the same method. So I'm not the only one who struggle's.

Today was brassica planting day. The bed needed a bit of work doing to it, no weeding which was great as I had cleared them over winter, but the soil needed loosening. So I thought, fork it, after that I went over the whole bed with the shovel. With the soil as fine as I could get it, I planted one row of cauliflower and two rows of cabbages (hence the title). Not as straight as I would have liked the rows to be but I'm sure that they will still grow. They were all grown from seed in my coldframe. After watering them and a few fizz bottles covering each plant to protect them against the frost, the job was done.

I did do my usual checking over the plot to see what's happening. The first earliest have just started to show. The parsnips all seem to be fine so far. More and more radishes are coming up. The onions are all growing nicely, the Japanese whites should be ready to dig up in a month or so, the reds, although taking it's time are still growing and the sturon yellow onions I planted months ago are really doing me proud. I haven't had much experience with onions, but the sturon variety isn't a bad one.

First sign of the first early potatoes



Japanese white onions

Sturon yellow onions
All in all a good days work and it was nice to be working in the sunshine. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice progress on your plot. If I onlly had a bigger veg patch I would be growing cabbages-the taste of a home grown one in uncomparable.