Sunday, 20 April 2014

That burning feeling.


It hasn't rained for a while around here and it has been quite warm for the time of year, so much so that all of this week I've been coming to the allotment to water the brassicas that I had planted out last week. Luckily I have two large water butts as the taps aren't switched on until May. With it being so dry, the pile of brambles seemed just right for burning. It didn't take too long at all before the bonfire got going. I had the radio on listening to the football and with it being a home game, I had the all the atmosphere of the game as it's only about a mile away. I managed to clear the whole pile you can see in the above photo and then some more. While the fire was roaring, I dug up more brambles, root and all, and in it went. This is the result. I must say I am pleased. There is still a little more to do, but I'll soon have some berry bushes here that I can keep under control.


I did have a bit of a break for a while, it was hot work and I needed a drink. I must have stopped for longer than I thought because I found a snail on my glove.

After my little break and the end of the game, I had the easier and less warmer task of planting my decoy marigolds. I have it on good authority that marigolds attract bugs away from brassicas. I had fifteen plants which are now evenly spaced in the brassica bed. I watered them in and the rest of the plot and went home. All this happened yesterday, I'm glad I didn't wait until today because it absolutely chucked it down. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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