Saturday, 6 September 2014

Postcards from London.

This is my first, non gardening, blog post. But it's one that I wanted to share. With my current situation, there would be no summer holiday this year. So, I wanted to something with my girls. A day trip to London was something that my youngest has always wanted to do. After looking into it, a coach was the best and cheapest option. Leaving at 5.20am and arriving in London at 8am, the return journey would leave at 9pm taking us home by 11.30pm. A long day but hopefully a day to remember. The tickets were booked and paid for, for Friday 29th August.

The day only really had one hitch, it was about 20 minutes after the bus departed. That's when we woke up. Yep, we missed the bus. Now this would be a rubbish post if that was the end of it, but I remembered that back in the 90's when Martin O'Neil took City to Wembley many, many times, we would drive down to Watford and get the tube to the stadium. That line carries on to Euston Station, London. "Get dressed kids, we're going to London". By 8.30 we were on the tube heading for the capital.

A lot of walking and riding the tube was done that day, mostly due to the fact that the map was read wrongly. But here are a few snapshots of our day.

This is the best of a few photos I took
at Piccadilly circus.

Marble Arch is not as big as I thought it would be.

The Mafia are getting serious now.

If you ever wanted to go to the Natural
History Museum, you will really need
to spend the whole day there.
We didn't even see a quarter of what's
there. This T. Rex move's by the way.

This is an amazing building. So much
detail, there will always be something
 I didn't see or notice before.

Queenie's home!

We ran out onto the road to take this
shot of the Mall.
I got some disapproving looks
from another dad when we got back
to the pavement.

I was worried that we wouldn't get a good photo of
Tower Bridge once it started to get dark.

But seeing how well the last photo came out I had to
take this one.

This was our view while eating chip on a bench.

Well that was our day out. It didn't quite go to plan, but it was definitely a day to remember. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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