Sunday, 16 March 2014

First early and other veg.

Spring is a busy time for gardeners. For some crops, timing is important. Sow too early or too late and it will affect whether it grows or not. If you plant out early and get caught out by the frost then you could loose the whole crop. It sounds like I'm an experienced gardener and I know what I'm talking about. I'm certainly no experienced gardener, but I but I have experienced the results of trying to sow too early and leaving it too late to sow. As for loosing my crop, guilty as charged. But each year I'm learning. Sometimes forgetting too.

Parsnip seeds gone crazy

Thursday I planned to go to the allotment to plant my first early potatoes, which have just about chitted. With the space cleared, I sowed the sweatcorn. All I needed to do was tidy up and set off, that's when I saw them. I didn't sow all my parsnip seeds last weekend and had left the Tupperware in the larder. When I opened the tub, this is what I saw. The seeds had gone crazy. I put out a plee for advice on twitter and what came back was overwhelming, 'transplant as soon as possible'.  I had to transplant them. I would stop only if I ran out of pots or patients, which ever came first. In a way I am glad to report that it was pots that I ran out of first. We will all be sick of parsnips come Christmas if they all survive.

First row
Second row
Third row, had more potatoes than I thought

Friday I did make it to the allotment. The first early potatoes were just meant to go in one place, but I had so many that instead of having one row, I ended up with three. I'm still sticking to the crop rotation system, so all is well.

I also planted the onions with the Hansel and Gretel trail. I've done it in the past. It's only so I can see that it's not a weed that's coming through.

Now its not the first time I've dug up a coin. The first time it happened, I got too excited only to find it was a 2p coin. Totally gutted. This time I tried to contain myself. Just as well, an older coin but it was still 'Our Liz' on the head side of a penny coin.

Aside from watering, nothing has changed on the 'Garden Connect' side of things. It was a nice walk home with an amazing red sky, so one more photo for you. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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