Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Hangover cure.

Last night, for the first time ever, I managed to drink a whole bottle of wine all to myself. It did take me all of six hours, but even still, I woke up with a bit of a hangover. I'm not proud of myself, so rather than sitting on the sofa all day watching TV, I set about making my 'Garden Connect' sign for the allotment. I've got an old slate and a lenth of wood which would do the trick. With the best paint brush I could find and some gloss paint, I was ready to go. I don't have any experience in sign writing and I literally had to wipe the slate clean, twice, but all in all I am quite happy with the result.

My actual cure for my hangover was getting some fresh air at the allotment. The patch for my 6'x2' plot had already been dug over once. It is, what will eventually be, my strawberry patch. But for this year it can be my 6'x2'. As with everything that was covered in couch grass, even though I went through every clump getting all the roots I could find, there have been small bits left and with the mild winter this year, it has started to grow back. An important lesson learnt, you've got to keep on top of things, because it doesn't take long for them to grow back. Today was a case of digging deep and rooting out the weeds. Even though I only needed to turn over a six foot length, I carried on to do the rest. I still need to do a lot of re-digging in other areas, but for this week it will have to wait. Once that was done, I marked off the 6'x2' with a line of bricks and my new sign for people to see as they walk past.

With only a few minutes of daylight left, I got the last few slabs I have and put them in place for my crop rotation squares. It was just as well I ran out of time and slabs, because I am nursing a bit of a twinge in my back. I think I would rather have had the hangover.

The date for the 'Garden Connect' planting scheme announcement is on February 1st. With every blog post from then on, there will be updates as to how I'm getting on, good or bad. That is the idea as far as I'm concerned. Till next time and thanks for reading.

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