Thursday, 16 April 2015

We're gathering momentum.

Spring is really starting to kick in and if I'm not careful, I'm going to be too late with some of the things I'd like to grow. But now I'm starting to make some room on the windowsills, I should soon be up to date. Last weekend wasn't the best weather to be on the plot, it wasn't cold or raining at the time, but it was very windy, which made it very difficult to fill the potato bags you see in the above photo. This is my main crop of maris piper. Yes, I know, I have four bags with beans on them. I did go back to the garden nursery to buy more potato bags, but they had sold out. All they had were the bean bags. The purple bag in the middle is an actual potato sack I found next to my car one day. Below you can see some of my first earlies. I really am hoping for some good potatoes this year, not big, I'd just like to know that when I'm eating them that I'm the first and only living thing that's had a nibble at that spud.

I was surprised this weekend as to how quickly the sweet corn had grown. From packet to windowsill to plot within a week. Knowing that they don't like their roots being disturbed, this year I've used empty loo rolls. They have now been on the plot for a few days,  I've checked on them every evening and they are doing very well inside their coke bottle cloches. I have had the weather on my side since the weekend, warm sunshine, well for April at any rate. I still wonder if I have planted them out too early.

I'm attempting to repeat last year's success with the parsnips. What I'd done last year, and repeating this year, is to get a sandwich tub and place two sheets of wet kitchen paper on the inside of the lid, sprinkle a new packet of parsnip seeds onto the the wet kitchen paper and place the base on top. I left them on the windowsill and after two weeks, once they had started to sprout, they where ready to plant out. Using a dibber, I made cone shaped hollows in the soil, filled them with compost and place two sprouted seeds each. Fingers crossed it will work again. Till next time and thanks for reading.

Not the best picture and that's not a real dibber,
but you get the idea.

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